Site update: 10/14/2008. I'm doing tons of work on my other site, sbno, but made a quick update to this site to add the Alpine Hills resort as well as make a minor fix on the lighthouse page.

Site update: 09/22/2008. Its been a long long time since I've been able to update the site. There have been tons of changes in my life, so please forgive me. I've made a few more corrections, and some day I hope to have more than 50% of the site spellchecked. I added a few new sites, inclusing, Disney Pop Century Resort, Geauga Lake's closing days, Mother Goose Land, and more. The biggest thing is that I changed the way the navigation stuff works at the bottom of the pages making it way way easier for me to update this site, which means I hopefully won't dread the updates and keep putting them off. I also think that the below update never happened, so expect the stuff listed there to be posted eventually.

Site update: 01/26/08. First update of 08. Make sure you didn't miss my last minute 2007 update below. This update includes spelling corrections for many of the pages. New explorations in the youngtstown area including the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Rail Road Yard, Republic Rubber, Sheet and Tube, Miscellaneous, and more. Also updated Mike Tyson's Former Mansion with some pictures I skipped the first time because I was rushing to bring you the pictures. Enjoy!!

Site update: 12/18/2007. Overlooked Some bugs. Updated Midway Drive in. Added Mike Tyson's Former Mansion, Four Additional Nike Sites of Herminie, Irwin, Coraopolis, and Elrama, as well as an old visit to the Jait Paper Mill, and a stop in to David's Restaurant. I'm also working on the old vs new stuff. It should be way better this time around. I also made a slight update to the about the site section regarding equipment.

Site update: 10/15/2007. Fixed some bugs. Added some Midway Drive in Pictures, Brookfield AFS, Riley's Fun Spot, Rex's Erection, Faymore's Castle, Wilmington Nike Site, Bainbridge Gap Filler, and Sandy Beach Park visits, as well as a failed visit to the Mary Stark Hospital.

The old vs new sections will be fixed and updated very soon. Hang tight!

Site update: 06/19/2006. Update to fix bugs and add Cleveland Hotel and Coast Guard Station visits.

Site update: 03/24/2006. Update to fix bugs and add Coated Fabrics visit.

Site update: 03/18/2006. Lots of Bugs found in new site.

Site update: 03/17/2006. First Version of new site released.



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