Mike Tyson Mansion



Mike Tyson

Where: Ohio

When: December 2007

Status: Abandoned


The below was true as far as I know back when I visited. This information is now outdated, and someone else now owns and maintains the home.

Protip: don't go there.


While website over the past 10 years or so, I have never once struggled so much with the decision of whether or not to post pictures of one of my trips like I did with this one. I came extremely close to not posting these, or at the very least delaying the posting. The reason being, this place is very easy to find, in good condition, and unfortunately very ripe for some idiot going through it and stealing stuff and/or vandalizing it. I have the feeling the idiots will find it either way, but I really don't want to aid them. In the end, I decided to stay dedicated to those who continue to come here for new material. I doubt that my posts will make any difference in the longevity of the former Mike Tyson home.

So with that said, what are you seeing here. What you are seeing is the former home of Boxer Mike Tyson. Tyson has not owned the home since the late 1990s. Back when I visited, the home was owned by a business man name Paul Monea... actually, it was owned by the Monea Family Trust, and currently, it may or may not be in the posession of law enforcement because it is, or was, at the center of an investigation involving Mr. Monea.

Confused? Well lets see what we can figure out. Let it be known that everything here is the best of my very limited understanding and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Main Gate with Tyson's name still shown today.

Paul Monea was a business man who once made some money selling TaeBo workout tapes featuring none other than Billy Blanks... remember that craze? Paul Monea was the mastermind behind it, and it made him quite a bit of cash from what I understand. One of his purchases was the former home of Mike Tyson in 1999 for the price of 1.3 million. Tyson had since moved to Vegas and the home was For Sale. Monea didn't buy it because he needed a home... he already had a much nicer home. I suppose it was to be an investment property? Regardless, from what I understand he never lived in the home. There was a period of time in 2005 when it was for sale on Ebay, but the home didn't sell.

10,000 square foot swimming pool room. Complete with Sundae bar, furniture, bath, shower, changing area, two dives, a huge hot tub, plants, a waterfall, and two fountains.

Fast forward to 2006 or so, and Paul had come up with another plan. Now I hate to take sides, but in my opinion the guy got a raw deal here. Paul had a diamond. A really really big one. So big that it had its own website. It was a 40 Carat Diamond... yes you're reading that correctly... 40 Carat. HUGE! So Paul decides he's going to sell both the Diamond and the property. Unfortunately the buyer was an FBI agent working undercover. What's the problem with that you may be asking... well at some point the buyer (aka agent) decides to inform Paul that he will be buying the home with Drug money. According to reports Paul advised the agent that he didn't want to know where the money was coming from and even feigned a hearing problem saying something to the effect of "A RUG dealer?".

I don't know much about the law... obviously, but it seems like that isn't something you should go to prison for. If I put a car on craigslist and the guy that comes by to purchase it says he's a drug dealer, is it really my responsibility to say nevermind? I guess so. If this is the sort of thing that the FBI is doing though, why aren't they on craigslist all day baiting sellers in to selling them things for drug money? I guess I'm failing to see how this sort of thing benefits society unless Paul Monea was going out trying to find drug dealers to sell things to and encouraging people to sell drugs to buy his stuff. I'm off topic.

So back to the house. In the end, Paul was busted, and it appears that now the home may be in the hands of the authorities along with the Diamond. The story is actually much more confusing than what I'm telling here, but this is a good enough overview. The important part is that some time during all of this, the house became abandoned. How abandoned? Well, the doors are wide open, there is no power, the lawn hasn't been mowed, and no one seemed to question me walking around it, including a Cop who I'm fairly certian saw me leaving and didn't seem to mind. As with all of my trips, I was careful, didn't touch a thing, and even wiped my feet... seriously, I'm that dumb.

This is an entertainment room complete with zebra or tiger striped carpet, a huge tv, stairs leading to the master bedroom, a wet bar, and funny looking lights.

So here are about 3 pages of pictures with descriptions. As with all of my trips, there is an archive of pictures at the link below. I watermarked these for the first time ever because I suspect people will steal the pictures and post them everywhere. I also suspect that you'll see other people featuring this on their sites very soon with their own pictures, but I can tell you that as far as I could tell, after searching far and wide, these are the only pictures on the net of the inside of this house as of the time I'm posting this.

The pictures that you see here are actually the product of two separate trips. I took trip one without a tripod and quickly realized that the place was too dim to photograph without a flash or tripod. I took flash photos, and they sucked. I went out, bought a tripod, and it made a huge difference. I'd never used one before, and I'll never go without one now. Most of the pictures are from trip two. Both trips were snowing, so it was easy to tell that no one had been in or out of the home recently. The first was very windy and I eventually got too spooked to go through everything. On trip two, I got the nerve to explore a little more.

The living room of the main house portion. The layout sort of has a main house with a giant movie room attached, and a giant pool room attached to that.

Like with any of my trips, I had a few disasters. People seem to enjoy my misfortune, so let me just knock the three major ones out for your amusement right now. First of all, when I walked in to the master bedroom and started taking pictures, an old smoke detector that was laying on the bed suddenly went off. I'm assuming my body heat or something confused it, but it scared the absolute hell out of me. Picture being alone in this house on high alert, and hearing that. I freaked.

Disaster two was on my way back to the car. It was snowing, and the ground was completely covered. I decided to take a path through the woods. Suddenly I see a guy running a piece of heavy machinery at the end of the path, so I take a detour just to avoid being in his way. I walk directly in to a swamp and instantly feel ice cold water creep through my shoes and pants and doubled up socks. I'm about 3/4 mile from my car at that point. I went back to the Tyson property and just walked out the main gate and to the main road and jogged to my car with heavy wet cold feet.

Disaster three was minor... on the way to the house a lady swerved to avoid me (even though I was completely off the road in the grass next to the road) and managed to hit the slush that had built up in the road from the snow launching a huge wave of slush all over me, the camera, etc... and I mean AT LOT of slush.

With that out of the way, enjoy the following pictures. Please don't go vandalize this place or steal stuff from this place and make me regret posting these.

A tub overlooking the back yard, BB court, tiger cages, etc... yes tiger cages.

One thing to note... check the plants in the pictures. At first I assumed they were fake, but as my mother pointed out, the leaves are falling off and they appear to be dying. How long could this place have been abandoned? Also notice that the pool doesn't look bad. Keep in mind that Monea never lived here and has owned it since 1999. Also keep in mind that upon my visit it was standing wide open with no heat, electric, etc and the grass hadn't been mowed in some time. The outdoor plants are overgrown. All signs point to long term abandonedment except the lack of broken and stolen stuff, the plants, and the somewhat clear chlorine smelling pool water.

So what will you see in the following pictures? Well the house had one master bedroom, with fireplace, walk in closet, attached huge bathroom with sunken tub overlooking the back yard, double sinks, etc. Four additional bedrooms with attached baths. An 8 car garage. An enourmous TV room with tiger striped carpet. A huge pool with all kinds of extras. A nice patio. A basket ball court with a Tyson logo on the surface and bleachers. Tiger cages for Mike's pet Tigers. A dining room with a faux gold ceiling. TVs, stereo equipment, etc... all kinds of cool stuff. There are three pages including this one... Enjoy!

More Pictures

This is just an overview of some of the main areas. Continue below to see the areas of the house broken down in to sections.


Looking from the driveway. The main entrance is under the arch. The drive is nice brick.
An overvide of the bulk of the home from the road looking in across the lake.
One more front picture showing the overgrowth of the plants around the house.
One final outside picture for a while. This is the rear patio complete with built in grill and access to the entertainment room and pool.
The pool.
Yes, that is a sundae bar.
Master Bath. This is a changing area. Through the door way is the bath tub and sinks.
Living room. I'm not sure what that table is exactly. There were phones everywhere. Maybe this was from when he was released from prison?



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