Midletown Train Tressel



Middletown Train Tressel

Where: Middletown, OH

When: 2005

Status: Gone before I got there.


This trip should have been a huge let down, but it actually ended up being fun in a way.

The Negly Ohio train tressel was something I had visited as a child with a friend of mine and his father. He took us out too see an old train tressel that my friend's grandfather had worked on. It was about a mile or more hike back through the woods, and involved walking the trail on the old rail line that had been cut through the trees. The rail hadn't been used for quite some time and if I recall correctly, the tressel showed it.

This is where the tressel would have been... you can still see the footers.

The tressel was actually pretty high. When you were in the middle, you were pretty much looking down on the tops of the trees that were in the center of the valley. The tressel passed over a small creek that fed the little beaver creek near Middletown Ohio. When I had visited as a kid you could easily just park near the tracks and walk in to the woods. More recently the land had been purchased by a rich guy and he has since blocked off any potential parking. The near by town literally has a no parking sign anywhere that you could potentially park... I'm not exagerating at all. I would honestly guess it to have the highest resident to 'no parking' sign ratio of any place on earth, and I would guess its more than one per resident.

More footers... not really doing the incline justice at all.

So back to my trips. I had ventured back out here at some point as a teenager in highschool. I have no idea why I would have done this, but I actually walked across the tattered remains of the tressel in the dark with nothing more than a mag light. Guys will do stupid stuff in groups. There was a section in the center where someone had burnt the ties out of the bridge, so you had to crawl across the gap by putting your feet on each rail and hands on each rail. I held the mag light in my stupid mouth. Very dumb, but somewhat memorable.

This final trip really didn't pan out. We were able to park because the road nearby had washed out and the people from noparkingville were on the other side of the wash out from where we parked. The would had have to have driven a tow truck way out around to get us. Who's laughing now middletown?!?!? Well, probably still them because little did I know someone had town the tressel down at some point. Two miles of walking later I found out.

So with the tressel gone, we turned around and headed back. The cool thing about this final trip is that it was with my father and it was shortly after we had found out he had prostate cancer which of course shook us up quite a bit. My dad will be just fine and I knew he'd be fine, but it still really changes things when you're faced with that. So this trip ended up being a good chance for us to hang out with no distractions.

Left over ties.

We ended up taking a short cut out of the woods by walking up the heavily wooded hill next to the rail line and meeting up with the road that was cut in to the hill above us. I'm so out of shape that I was sore the next day, yet my dad, some 32 years older than me, was fine. I need to shape up.

Well the tressel was gone. I'm curious as to how they were able to remove the remains because there really is no easy way in and out of here. This place is secluded. They also pulled out all of the rail leading back to it. Some of that rail was burried by large rocks, so they really must have wanted it out. The only signs of the rail line is the path, a small number of ties, the cement butts, and the cement footers from the tressel supports. The pictures don't do the height of this thing justice. It was pretty tall.

So that was the trip. The coolest thing was that we spent some time together doing something completely pointless. Normally I leave the personal crap off this site, but I'm finding that I enjoy going back and looking at the old stuff that I partially forgot about... so if you don't like it... tough.

If you're one of those rail buffs that knows about rail lines, please let me know anything you think is important here and I'll add it. I'd also love to know what is beyond the tressel as I've never personally made the trek but have heard there is a tunnel.



The creek. The tressel actually spans a vally that you can only see the edge of where the white snow is at.
Washed out road.
The small creek at the bottom.
The little beaver creek that the small creek feeds.
A huge waterfall that we stumbled across on the hill side. (forgot to mention).
The mist coming off this thing was chilly.


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