Columbus Coated Fabrics



Columbus Coated Fabrics

Where: 1280 North Grant, Columbus, Ohio

When: Early 2006

Status: Abandoned. Slated to be demolished.


Thanks to a reader tip, Andy and I were able to explore one of the coolest Columbus Buildings we're been in since the last time I made that claim. The 700,000 square foot Columbus Coated Fabrics building near 5th and Grant has been abandoned since 2001 when the shop closed its doors. Although I was aware of the building, I wasn't aware that it was standing wide open.

A visitor to the site shot me an email asking why I hadn't featured the building. In the process of looking for the building that I though the reader was talking about, I stumbled upon the CCF building only to realize that was the building the reader was talkign about.

I was unusually able to reach Andy of and we decided to give it a try. Less than 24 hours later we were walking through the wide open door. This was absolutely the most open building we've ever entered.

Burnt building with clouds showing through

My expectations were low to be honest. While it looked huge, it also looked like it was going to be in such poor condition that we wouldn't be able to walk though it. I was wrong. The building really was in pretty good shape except for a few select areas. My understanding is that the building suffered a fire although we couldn't find evidence of this at night (no smell, but one section had been bulldozed).

It was freezing cold, so we assumed we'd probably run in to a few homeless people, but we didn't. We ran in to lots of evidence of very recent homeless, but they apparently avoided us which was nice.

Block and Tackle

All I can say about this place is that it's huge. It was basically a textile company from what I could find. According to a lantern article that I found, the company originally made horse blankets and buggy tops back when it opened in 1902.

All evidence from the various documents we found inside was that the company survived up until around late 2000 or so. The lantern article seems to back this assumption up noting that the company closed in 2001.

I couldn't get over the size of this place. It seemed to go on forever. Several times we found ourselves slightly disoreiented due to the maze of rooms attached to other rooms that were attached to stairs that led to another room that had a ladder going to a fourth demention where republicans handed out money to starving children and democrats watched fox news.

This was one of the few buildings we've been in that was so large that some areas were nearly untouched. Sure people had been there, but the avereage board vandels had so much other stuff to choose from that they never bothered to venture way back in to the bowels of this place.

The main office on the front was trashed and full of homeless beds and whatnot. The warehouse offices weren't too bad for the most part and the actual open warehouse type spaces were virtually empty, but untouched aside from the occasional piece of krylon artwork.

Once you're inside this place you're pretty much sheltered from the world... good for not getting caught, but bad for getting murdered if you come across the wrong person. Don't go here alone.

Messy Office

So you reach a point where you can't say too much about a big empty building. The pictures say more than words. The most impressive part in my opinion was the section where part of the building had been demolished. It really felt like something out of Mad Max beyond thunderdome. Basically you were standing in a large courtyard feeling thing with the remains of buildings on all sides of you. Some of the buildings are several stories, so it was really sort of overwhealming in a way. I tried to get pictures of it but the Aagus Digital Camera wasn't cooperating with the darkness.

Some other highlights of the night would include the obligitory roof visit. Seeing the city from the roof of an abandoned building at night is always cool.

In addition to the views from the roof, the walls of this place are covered in some high quality spray art. I'm not usually one for messing up someone's property, but I'll give credit where its due. There was some nice work here.

Possibly one of the most surprising finds was the stripped dump truck and stripped work truck sitting in the parking lot next to one of the buildings. The dump truck had trees growing out of the bed.

Inside the main warehouse.

Over all, this place was a nice surprise for a cold March evening. I'd really like to get a better look in the day time, so expect another section on this place with a little more research hopefully.

One last thing to note. The new site design has some major flaws, but it really helps me to be able to update much more quickly. The pictures you are viewing were taken just over 24 hours prior to this being posted, and it only took that long because I was too tired last night to post them.


Additional Pictures


Rear of main building
This place was covered in paint
Chemical mixers
Homeless bed
Chemical mixers
Gas mask
Blurry dump truck with trees growing in the bed of it.
Guard Shack... we snuck past!
Bottom of smoke stack
Water tower


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