3rd Ave Sewer



3rd Ave Sewer

Where: Columbus, OH

When: 2000ish

Status: Still full of stinky water.


This page will tell of the trip in to the sewers near 3rd Ave, just a short distance from the Lennox Theaters. Outside of this tunnel there was a sign that warned that the contents could be harmful. Needless to say, sortly after reading that sign, my dumbass fell in the sewer water.

The sewer trip is one of the earlier features of the original site. We had heard about this sewer that was supposed to be an interesting trip back under the city. It was kind of interesting to see, but certainly no worth the hassel that it caused once I fell in to the water. This water literally smelled like shit. There is no kind of gentle way to say it.

Notice the small ladder on the left (not the one on the right, but the metal strip to the left going down below the view of the pic).

Basically what happened was that I decided to climb down a ladder to get a closer look at what was on the other side of this large steel door that at the end of the river of poo that was passing below us. Well, lets talk about everything leading up to that graceful moment first...

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Basically it looks like a sewer inside. There really isn't much more to it. Its basically a cement tunnel with an occasional brick stack leading up to a manhole cover. The air smelled like crap. I have no idea why we kept going, but we were curious.

The Acoustics were cool in the tunnel because we could hear the echo of the sound of running water for a long time before we ever saw any running water.

The way it is set up is that the sewer is down below the level we were on. If things get out of hand, they can close off a gate which floods that lower river of water and fills up a small room which then allows it to overflow in to the tunnel we were walking in. This then drains it out to the river. I assume this is only used if things really get bad because I can't imagine the smell that would follow such a procedure.

So now to me falling in. We could see that there was a steel door under that could be used to block the river below us. We weren't sure if there was anything on the other side of it, so I climbed down a small ladder (about 10 inches wide) to the stand on the bricks you see to the right and look down the river to see what was down there. Well as luck would have it... those bricks are slippery. Very.

Very very slippery bricks.

Right about the time my foot hit the bricks I realized they were as slick as ice. I started to fall and managed to jump toward the other side of the stream of whatever. Of course it was slippery too, so I had to jump back immeadiately... I kept this dance up until I was able to grab the ladder and twist myself around to climb back up.

In the end I managed to walk away with a big cement scrape on my arm... most certainly filled with bacteria like you can't imagine, and shoes and socks soaked with poo water. I also had splashed this stuff all over myself, but most importantly to me, I DIDN'T end up sliding through that steel door and completely in to the deeper public sewers under the city because I really don't think I would have been able to get back out.

Andy ( was kind enough to venture in to biglots or oddlots and get me some nice Ford MotorSport socks which I still have to this day. I dried my shoes with the McDonalds hand dryer nearby.



Additional Pictures

In to the abyss.
This is the room that fills with water to provide relief to the sewer below.
The ladder I climbed down and the opening I almost passed through.
Sort of similar to all the other views of the tunnel.
Manhole meets the main pipe.


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