Sandy Beach



Sandy Beach

Where: Indian Lake

When: 2006

Status: Some Remains Preserved


This was a pretty uneventful trip. I took a ride out to the former Sandy Beach Amusement Park.


A Historical Marker.

Not much is left of the original site. They put up a historical sign, and left the old bridge. I'll try to add some classic shots to the page here one of these days.

The area is now mostly homes. It actually seemed like a pretty nice area. I beleive much of the site is the pharmacy you see behind the sign, and the apartment complex that is directly behind where the pictures of the bridge were taken. You can see them to the left of the bridge in the shot of the bridge from a distance pictured below.



More photos...

The bridge.
Possibly related? From the right era.
The bridge.
Better view of A Historical Marker... Click it to read it.
Apparently climbing the bridge is frowned upon.
The bridge from a distance.


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Maybe like 2 more pictures can be found in the gallery here.