Riley's Fun Spot



Riley's Fun Spot

Where: New Castle Area, PA

When: 2007

Status: Abandoned, slated to be replaced by Butler College.


There's isn't much to say about Riley's Fun spot... except that it was the coolest place on earth as far as places in the 'back roads' near boardman Ohio are concerned...

Riley's Fun Spot was actually on a pretty major road in the area, but on a stretch that we rarely traveled. The family fun center sat along route 224 near New Castle, PA. As far as I know, every child within 200 miles of Riley's spent some time there. If you did not, I apologize that you missed out on such a major part of your childhood. Riley's had a certain 'home made' feel that you don't get with today's fun centers. The go-karts were dangerous, the pops for the mini golf were home made and probably not licensed when they involved trade marked images such as snoopy... etc.

The Hippo!

I had no clue that Riley's had closed. The last time I was there, probably in 1994 or so, it was doing fine. We rode the carts, maybe even played some golf, then got ice cream at the ice cream stand.

The essential minigolf waterfall.

Fast forward to 2007 and a ride from boardman to route 60, and you get what you see here. I was riding along, expecting to see Riley's booming as usual, and this is what I get. I happened to have my camera with me, so I snapped these pictures, but not without some feeling of sadness. I guess the newer complexes built in boardman had taken business away from Riley's. My understanding is that the property will now be used for a branch of Butler College. Just what we need, more people learning, and less people having fun... actually I guess that is what we need, but still... this sucks.

The mini golf section sits empty. The gokarts were accross the street (good idea to have kids crossing the street to ride the karts), and have now been converted in to a parking lot for some company. The driving range was sitting empty and the ice cream shop is sitting with a few remaining video games. Sad to see, but I'm glad I caught it before it was gone forever.

RIP Riley's fun spot.

Looking toward the clubhouse and ice cream.
Ring the bell!!
The Clubhouse with muscle test.
The driving range.
The old go-kart track across the street is now a parking lot.
The Ice Cream Shop.


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Old Arial View of the Fun Spot with Kart track included.