Rex's Erection



Rex's Erection

Where: Cyahoga Falls, Ohio

When: 2007

Status: Reused by a cell phone company.


Such a dirty sounding name for such an innocent place...

File this one along side Heritage USA as places paid for by donations from people with good intentions.

Rex's Erection is what is left of a big plan by the recently diceased Rex Humbard. Rex was a well known televangelist who once resided and practice his craft in the Cuyahoga Falls area. He had a television show and a Cathedral called the Cathedra of Tomorrow that sat 5400 people in which the show was filmed. He is known for having one of the first weekly televangelist shows and is widely accepted as the guy who your grandmother started giving her money to around the time she stopped giving you a dollar every time you came to visit.

Over time Rex's show grew very big, and he eventually decided to expand in to other areas... including the tower you see pictured here.

The formerly related Church is now run by Ernest Angley

The tower was originally supposed to be a rotating restauarnt. I'm not sure on the exact years of construction, but I'm assuming it would have been in the 1970s? If anyone can clear up the dates, I'd appreciate it. So you may be asking, "What happened Rex?"

The original entrance is boarded up.

Per Wikipedia "Humbard began to build a rotating tower restaurant at his Cathedral of Tomorrow complex, which was also slated to hold a transmission tower for his planned local TV station on Channel 55, WCOT. When Humbard was given the opportunity to go on more radio stations throughout South America to spread Christianity, construction on the restaurant tower ceased."

And that's about all I know about that. Today the tower looms over the Cyahoga Falls area housing cell phone equipment and other communications equipment. You can't access it, and even if you could, there isn't much to see. The rest of Rex's complex has been run by the Ernest Angley Ministry since the 1990s.

I first visited the tower in early 2007, then lost the pictures, and went back a few months later. These pictures are from October 2007...

Its not actually this crooked. :)
One of the buildings of the church.
You can see some of the equipment now attached to the sides.
The lines running up to what I expect is cell equipment. There is also a ladder that I'd like to climb.
You can see the tower from far away. Looks bad against the sky line unfortunately.
A sign from the company that owns the tower now.


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Here is an arial view...