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This section will eventually be modified and expanded. Basically I decided to start keeping track of the various small and strange abandoned buildings and homes I stumble upon.

The house at the top of this page is an old house outside of Dublin Ohio on Post Rd. The house has since been fixed up, but for many years this house sat empty. The windows had all been broken and there were signs significant neglect on the tree house, garage, pool, landscaping, and barn.

It was obvious that something strange went down because there was a nice in ground pool, deck, hottub, large barn, garage, etc, and the place was being remodeled with nice materials. The inside was partially done with large holes busted through the plaster from what I could see. There were odd colored light bulbs in the portch lights and there were keep out signs all over the windows.

I visitied the property one day with my father while we were riding bikes in the area, but I didn't go in. I was glad that I didn't because later that day there was a truck parked there that hadn't been there earlier. Strange Indeed.

If you know anything about the place, please shoot me an email because I'm very curious.

Old abandoned house.

The house directly above this text is a small house that I happened to see on a detour one day. I have no interior pictures of that house. I believe it is somewhere off of route 71 on route 30 near the general area of mansfield, lexington, etc. I really can't recall.

Garage of the Post Rd Dublin house.

The number of houses that people just walk away from never ceases to amaze me. There are just a few here now, but you can just about find or two on your average afternoon drive through the country. I'm not just talking about houses that aren't in use, but houses that are standing wide open that don't appear to have had occupants for years.

The strangest thing that I see in abandoned buildings and homes are the personal items that people leave. I can't imagine why someone would leave anything personal unless they've either died, or been forced to leave against their will (eviction, etc).

One such example was a house on Rt. 23 south of Columbus that Andy and I visited back in the day. Each room had personal touches. One had love messages written inside the closet (Friend 1 loves friend 2 type of stuff). The wall of another bedroom had cut outs of sports figures taped to the wall. The main rooms had magazines, papers, books, etc. I believe the waterbed even still had water. I just can't imagine what circumstances would prompt leaving a house that way. It can't be anything good... unless they won the lotto maybe?

Sports pictures were taped all over the walls of this bedroom. I can't understand why some people just leave something like that. I would imagine this one was an eviction.

Anyway... that's it for now. I will eventually add more to this page.


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