Negley Train Garage



Negley Train Garage

Where: Negley, Ohio

When: 2005

Status: Still in use occasionally.


This is another one of many buildings that was always right under my nose that I never bothered to check out. Actually I had walked out here as a child, but I don't really have any recollection of it. I actually had remembered it as being a roundhouse, but it wasn't.

Basically this is a train garage from the Youngstown and Southern rail company. There are about 5 buildings on site ... a garage, a small office, another small office, a storage building, and a coal building.

The rail line hasn't been used regularly for a really long time. I used to play on one of the small train bridges neary by. In my teens it was used as a recreational rail ride type of thing, but that didn't last long in Negley.

**( recently rated Negley its top ten least likely new years destination for 2006)

New section of the buildin

Most recently the Dawson tree farm on the bend heading out of Negley on rt 170 used the rail line for hauling construction trash from outside of the area for the purpose of dumping. The residents of Negley are thrilled I'm sure. This accounts for the two diesel engines outside of the garage.

Storage building.

The actual garage appears to be used strictly for storing old rail and non-rail related stuff. There were several gates, switches, etc in the garage as well as old bus parts in the near by storage building. I don't think I've ever seen as much bird crap in any one place as what I saw splashed on those bus parts. Other than that, no signs of regular use for much of anything. Both of the grease pits in the garage were full of water.

We managed to walk right in to all of the buildings. There wasn't even so much as a door closed. There really wasn't anything worth taking, so I wasn't surprised.

Office outside


There was one small office type of building that had a bunch of parts bins. The strange part was the number of names I recognized that had been scrawled across the rafters over the years. The small building was in really bad shape with the roof collapsing.


You can see the picture to the left has some of the bus seats in view. The are covered in bird poo. Nasty. Other than that the storage building was pretty much empty. It was a waste of a nice big storage area that I'd kill to have. I damn near could fit my house and my entire piece of property here in the City inside of this place. The picutres really don't do it justice. It didn't appear that anyone had used this building for anything else for quite some time.

The garage was the coolest building. You could just about picture some guy coming in there every night to work on two steam engines parked in the bays. There were even vents in the ceiling above where the train's smoke stack would be. They could be opened to let the trains idle inside the garage. Everything inside the place was really heavy duty. When you're working on trains I suppose everything is pretty heavy.

Parts bin.

I wish there was more to say for this place. Its a relic of a time that has passed.



Garage. Notice the two huge doors.
Grease Pit.
Vent to allow trains to idle
Complex sustem of pullys for this block and tackle.


I didn't see in this little building.
Coal bulding maybe?
An engine used for the dump I guess.
Garage with trains.


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