Moxahala Park



Moxahala Park

Where: Zannesville

When: 2002 and 2005

Status: Most Gone, but some buildings remain.


I owe this one entirely to a reader who gave me a heads up. I had no idea the park even existed. I don't know how it never came up seeing as how my other site covers Amusement Parks entirely, and this one is in my own home state... Regardless, a huge thanks goes out to the reader.

I've only been to the park two times. Much of what was there on the inital trip is now gone. I had actually received word that it was entirely gone, but a recent visit proved otherwise. The land is still partially used by the Nolan family for their Carnival business. According to another reader the family operated amusement rides on the grounds for a while as an amusement park.


The most notable thing missing from the park is a coaster. The coaster was actually removed in the 1930s (or late 20s perhaps) and moved to Americana Park which also now has a section on this site.

Stage in the ballroom.

A few months after my inital visit the Nolans had a huge auction which resulted in the purging of most of the stuff you see here. I wasn't able to attend the auction, but I do have a flier from the auction from which I hope to eventualy grab a few pictures.

It was tough to tell what remains were from the park and what were just in storage from the Nolans.

The really memorable thing about this trip was that I had just watched the movie the Ring which is focused around a creepy girl in an old well in the middle of nowhere who had been thrown in the well by her parents... who owned a horse farm and had raised her in their barn. As luck would have it, within minutes of being at the park I stumbled first across a shed full of fiberglass horses from a childrens ride, and then a large stone wishing well in the center of the property. Not cool.

The park was pretty much gone. The midway buildings to the right were still standing, but have since been mostly destroyed. Even with those buildings standing, the rest of the park was pretty much just a field. There really wasn't much to tell you how the park was layed out. Having sold their only coaster it is no surprise that the park didn't make it to the present.

Old Midway section.

If you're ever traveling Route 22 through Zannesville, keep an eye out for Moxahala Park Rd and remember that this is the park that once stood at the end of the road.


The Park

This was from the original park
Whale Cars stored in the ballroom.
The back of the midway. That's a Nolan Truck that had apparently died.
2005 picture. This is a ride that the Nolans currently use. It is stored on site (across the mideway actually) along with some others.
The old ballroom still stands.


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