Mother Goose Land



Mother Goose Land Childrens Park

Where: Canton, Ohio

When: 2008

Status: Sitting, basically just a park now... sort of.


I get a ton of emails about this one, and unfortunately, there really isn't much to report, but I figured I'd check it out and fill some of you in on what little I could find.

This was a trip to Mother Goose Land in Canton Ohio. It was a public park for Children that was inspired by the Pittsburgh Zoo. My understanding is that it was fronted mostly by the Jaycees. The park was built in the 1950s. I can't seem to find an exact closing date. From all appearances, it had been quite a while. I want to say it was in the 1980s, but I'm not really sure about that. The park was basically a children's park that featured story book themed attractions and sculptures. It wasn't really an amusement park so much as just a park... with a theme.

Willie the Blue Whale

The only major thing at the site that still remains is the big blue whale. You actually may find yourself feeling bad for him when you're there. According to what I've read, he was once the entrance to an aquarium. Going by the size, it wasn't a very large aquarium. There was a noha's ark exhibit that had animals... apparently that was somehow connected to the creek that runs along the side of the park. Per THIS article in the Canton Rep "There was Ali Baba's Cave and the Three Bears' House," Guist recalled. "We had a little red schoolhouse and Noah's Ark." Also mentioned in that article, some of the attractions... "The Cheese House. The Old Lady and Her Shoe. The Crooked House That Jack Built. The Pumpkin House. The Old Mill. One by one, the exhibits took form. Then a multitude of animals took up residence in the park, so they could excite children for years."

A fence cuts right through the park's old paths

Now the park is divided in two by a fence. One side has a pavilion and some horseshoe pits. There were actually people arriving to play horseshoes at the same time as me... they were confused by me and staring. The paths that used to run through the park now have a fence right through them. Surprisingly the park is still maintained. The grass was mowed (and the infield raked?) Other than the whale and the entrance building, a few paths, some footers, and a foundation or two, nothing else remains of Mother Goose Land except memories in the minds of Cantonians.


One last note of interest... the entrance, pictured at the top of this article, and also below, was made from a sewer pipe, and some donated bricks... and it still stands today.


What I assume was the entrance.
The mouth of the wale.
Retaining wall
Some sort of big cement footer


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