Mini Golf & Karting



Sawmill Mini Golf and Go-Karting

Where: Columbus Ohio

When: 2004ish

Status: Gone


This is one of a small group of things featured on the site that are really pretty insignificant and minor. I figured they were worth keeping because as these areas change and my memory fades, I'll be able to go back and take a look at these to refresh.

This place was basically a minigolf and go-karting complex. The golf was in your typical sprayed cement mountain and the kart track was your typical figure 9 track. The place was set back off the road quite a ways and really kind of difficult to see. Eventually the land was purchased to make way for some newer businesses. I believe the restuarant that took some of the land is now also closed and I'm honestly not 100% sure what even filled the rest of the lot.

The moat.


Additional Pictures

The bridge had collapsed. It appears that it hid the little cave where the water was filtered maybe?
Weeds growing on the fake mountain.
The other side of the brige and the minigolf cave.
The go-kart track.


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