Midway Drive In



Midway Drive In Theater

Where: Columbiana Ohio

When: 2005 & 2007

Status: Still Standing. Appears to be falling down or is being destoryed.


The Midway theater is one of a few places from my home town that I figured I'd might as well add to spruce up the content a little.

At this time I don't have much historical info on the Theater. I believe I watched the Bambi assasination from the seat of my parent's car here as well as a few other films that I can't remember. Outside of that, my memories of the Drive in are pretty vague. As with most drive in's, it closed in the 1980s due to lack of business and a drop in car culture. Who wants to watch a movie in a cramped up 1984 Chevy Nova?

Get your friends out of the trunk after you pass this booth.

Just like any closed drive in, the Midway has more recently been used as a... Flea Market. What else?


One of the cool things about the Midway theater was that the screen was like a small building instead of just a bunch of white boards nailed to some telephone polls like many of the cheaper and newer drive in's.

Hopefully the screen won't be knocked down any time soon. (I wrote that in 2005, and it now appears that it is on its way down). Its been there since as far back as I can remember and it just wouldn't seem right driving down 14 without it. (I'll miss you old 1960's looking screen with your cool neon writing that I never remember being lit up but would love to have pictures of if anyone has them).

So there isn't much else you can say about a field and a screen...


Front side of the screen. 2005
Back side of the screen. 2005
Newer 2007 Views show that the screen has suffered extensive damage or is being torn down.
Another 2007 view. Compare to the above.
So there was some cool stuffinside... well actually, just one cool thing, an old pop machine. The screen is actually just telephone poles with the aluminum around them
Apparently there is a huge surplus of school bus seats as they seem to be in a lot of the places I go.


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