Molly Stark (the letdown)



Molly Stark Hospital

Where: Near Canton, Ohio

When: 2007

Status: In use by the city.


This one was a bust, but I'm actually thinking of trying to get a legit tour of the place, so I figured I'd throw it up here in the mean time...

According to Wikipedia... "There is also a Molly Stark Hospital in Northeastern Ohio. Although now closed (in 1995) it served as a tuberculosis sanitarium in the 1930s, later becoming a state hospital for the mentally ill and the aged. The architect, Charles E. Firestone, used numerous roof top porches and loggia (arched galleries) in this structure originally designed as a tuberculosis sanitarium. As such it included many spaces where patients could sit outside, covered in blankets, to take in the fresh air.

Although the Molly Stark Hospital is closed, and it is private property, many people still visit this site because of paranormal activity. Glowing lights can always be seen from inside, and it is said that there is no power supply to the hospital. Orbs also show up in pictures when they are taken of the hospital."


Basically its an almost abandoned hospital near Canton. Right now the city uses a small portion of it for storage. The place looks really cool, but I haven't been able to see the inside... yet.

Sign on Road...
The entire complex, notice lights on.
The main doors.
Cool arches.


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