Miami Marina Stadium



Miami Marina Stadium

Where: Miami, FL

When: 2003

Status: Unsure, but still there last I knew.


Now I know the site is supposed to be IllicitOHIO, but I as the SteelMill exploration shows, I do travel out of state from time to time. My latest vacation took me to Mimai Florida to enjoy the sites, sounds, and smells of the south beach area.

As with any large city, Miami had its fair share of empty, abandoned, closed, crumbling, etc, buildings. Miami seemed to have strict rules governing their abandoned buildings so most had large wooden fences keeping people like me out. I wasn't willing to force my way in to a place that I shouldn't be in, so I thought I'd be leaving the city in need of a good fix and no where to find it (ok, so maybe that's over doing it)... Just when I though all had failed, I spotted the Marina Stadium off of a causeway leading to Virgina Key.

Looking away from downtown in the upper section of the Stadium.

I had gone out to a state park with my Girl friend and was on the mundane trip back to the hotel, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted the top of the Stadium. The grafitti gave away that this place was probably abandoned, so I cut across a few lanes of traffic and darted in to the old parking lot. The lot was being used that day for a tennis function farther out on the key, but that didn't stop me from doing some innocent poking around.

Catwalk out to the sound booth.

I drove around the lot, and even go out to take the next few pictures. I took a few from the lot, then approached the stadium. I was able to walk right in to the stadium's rear cooridore area where I snapped a few more. I looked for a way out to the main seating area/stage area, when I came across a park ranger, cop, security guard, or random guy in uniform. I figured it was best to beat it before he noticed me, so I left... quickly.

So as it ends up, I went back to the stadium the day before I left. My girlfriend was thrilled to death that she got to sit in a rental car on our last day of vacation while I walked around a rotting stadium that I had previsouly been chased out of by a park ranger.

I ventured back in and took the pictures that are posted here. There were quite a few rooms that I didn't get pictures of due to time constraints... more on that in a minute. I entered the building and had to swing around a fenced gate to get to the front section. There were places I could have just walked straight in to, but I didn't realize this at the time and haven't been able to make a return trip just yet.

Looking toward the City. This was a great view to see in real life.

I made it to the front section and strolled around. I resisted the urge to enter the old sound/projection/whatever booth hanging in the center. It looked rusted. My fear of water kept me from jumping the small gap over to the barge. I made it to the top of the seating and looked around.

This place is covered in art.

More art.

Not too long in to my time up at the top of the seating some wasps started to bother me, so I snapped a few pictures and got the hell out of there. Bees/Wasps/etc are the other major fear of mine, so I wasn't going to stick around and get stung.

Once I snapped most of the pictures below, I was ready to head to the various rooms and whatnot that are housed under the seating. Right as I snapped my last picture of the barge, I turned around only to find my old friend the park ranger stanging a few rows up, facing toward the back of the stadium, I assume looking for me. How this guy didn't see me, I have no clue. I must have blended in with the cement due to my pale skin with random red burns (colorful like the grafitti)....


So anyway, I ducked down and quickly made my way to the exit hall right behind this guys back. Once out of sight, I hauled my ass out of there and didn't get any more pictures. I assumed he was on my tail. Once in the rental car, I saw him come out of the building and start looking my way. Thank goodness I was in a rental. I swung the car around narrowly missing various fences and floored it out of there. That was the last I saw of the Marina Stadium...

Walk way from the hallway under the seating to the bottom row. That is a barge at the end of you view.



The Stadium

Notice the security guy in the picture.
Sound booth.
This place was really big.
Some of the better art work.
Side view. Very similar to the Scioto Downs building here in Columbus
The rear of the structure.


1950s style architecture.
The door was wide open.
Main Entrance as taken from a side room.
Old section of the building with some of the new section visable on the left.


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