Main Street Buildings



Main Street Buildings

Where: Columbus, OH

When: 2005

Status: Renovated


I happened to be downtown shopping for some useless crap at the pawn shop when I decided to check out the status of the Hartman building. I walked down the street to check it out, when I spotted the block that formally housed the Ohio Furniture building.

I took a peak around some of the empty buildings and realized that I could easily make my way right in to the buildings. There were no doors... no windows... nothing to keep me from strolling right in, snapping a few photos, and moving on. A few people saw me enter and leave and no one seemed to mind.

Stairs. Note the displays in the side.

The buildings were really in the early stages of renovation when I visitied. They were still stripping the buildings down to their basics.

This part was in really bad shape.

I don't know the specific usage of each of the original buildings. I believe at one time, all three were used for furniture sales. The layout of the building that I spent most of my time in had been altered at some point. You could clearly see that some windows and doors had been bricked over and some false walls had been added between sections. Judging by some of the colors used on the false walls, this place hadn't been used for quite a while. Although the colors were rough, the interior was otherwise in really good shape from what I could tell.

All in all I was surprised how these places were just wide open. I probably only spent about 15 minutes inside because it was freezing cold that day. I managed to get on the roof but was too much of a winp to check out the basement on my own. The buildings were eventually finished and are now open pending tentants as last I checked.

There are some exterior and interior pictures below. The conditions and my crappy camera made for some blurry pictures.

Ugly colored walls in the upper floors.



This is a creepy picture taken in the attic while on my way to the roof.
The people that are in to the ghost stuff seem to enjoy these sorts of pictures.
The posts on the main floor had some cool looking detail.
This is a sign from the previous business.


There are some more pictures in the gallery below if you're interested.

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