Logan Round House



Logan Round House

Where: Logan, OH

When: 2005

Status: Getting worse.


I would have never known a thing about this place without Andy finding it first ( This is completely his find. I decided to check it out for myself, so I headed to Logan Ohio.

The house was easy to find, but finding it is part of the fun so I won't give the location away. Also, as always, remember, someone owns this and may not want you there. Going inside is pretty much impossible. Don't try to go inside, especially if you are there at night and can't see how bad the floors suffer from rot! Ultimately its probably best to just leave this place be and enjoy it from the outside.


After reading Andy's site and talking to the welcome center people, it appears this was housing built by a man named Stewart as a prototype home built to withstand highwinds (hurricane, tornado, etc). The house was unfortunately never finished. The house has been sitting since the 70s. You can't really go inside because there are no floors left. They are there but completely unsafe.

Completely Furnished.


The house could actually be finished pretty easily. It was set up for a furnace (chimney was cut in top of house) and it appears to have a plumbing vent. If you wired only interior walls, you could probably make a pretty cool place... depending on what the codes are in Logan Ohio. The hard part is done. Anyway, check it out, and check out Andy's page at for more information as well as pictures!


If I see some rich people with this on extreme homes in 6 months, I expect them to invite Andy and I over for a visit if they found it here. Also... I have no info on the owner, price, etc, so I cannot help you there. If you are the owner and want to put contact info here to sell it, email me. If you have any pictures of articles related to the build of this place, I'd love to see them!


No Tresspassing message.


Additional pictures

The front door had been knocked out of its opening and in to the living room.
It had cool looking wrap around couches.
There is debris everywher. I assumed this may have been cut for a window or something similar?
A cool frozen waterfall I found when I was lost looking for the house.


There are some more pictures in the gallery below if you're interested.

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More pictures can be found in the gallery here.