Lima TB Hospital.



Lima TB Hospital

Where: Lima Ohio

When: 2005

Status: Leveled According to Reports.


The Lima TB Hospital is almost like a Mecca for people who climb around Abandoned Buildings her in Ohio. Its well know, hidden, interesting, and sort of central to Ohio.

I first heard about the hospital from a co-worker in 2000. She had found out about my site somehow and mentioned the hospital. I didn't really know the person and completely dismissed her claims of how large it was. How could I not know about this place if it were so great. I should have listened. The Lima TB hospital is absolutely as good as she explained. The building is huge and the location is one of the better in the state. The hospital is basically hidden in the woods behind a neighborhood on Lima's west side.

New section of the building near the front of the complex.

The Hospital is one of the few remaining TB hospitals in the state of Ohio. The lima hospital opened in the early 1900s and was smaller than the version you see here. The building pictured here consists of a newer middle section sandwitched between two wings of the older building.

Stairs in the old section. As you can see, the building is in very bad condition. The dust is plaster.


The newer building was built in the very late 1950s which is why it sort of has that cold war era look about it. If you're in to abandoned buildings and have seen the pictures of Chernobyl, you'll see that this building sort of looks like it could be sitting right in the middle of all of those buildings.

The entire premise was pretty much let go in the 1970s and has been sitting since. The building is in horrible condition. The older end buildings are barely standing. One is nearly collapsed and the other is only slightly better. The middle section was used for paintball and is pretty much beyond saving.


This building may be the most difficult to find of all abandoned buildings. The building basically sits in a field in the middle of the woods behind a residential area in Lima. You can be very very close to the building without knowing that its there. I actually headed to Lima assuming I could find it on my own without any direction at all.

I finally stopped at a gas station and asked directions. The worked pretended to have no idea what I was talking about but eventually cracked. She had just been there and thought I was trying to bust her. Just my luck. I'm glad I pushed the issue. The building is such a pain to locate that she had to call her friend to get directions. As she was doing so, andother man came in and overheard her. He knew what she was talking about and was able to tell me how to get there. Even still, I had to ask a local resident once I found the neighborhood.

The floor has collapsed. The hallway across the gap used to extend to where I'm standing. These rooms are now in the basement.

An older gentleman was cleaning out his garage and saw me walking by. He asked if I could please help him lift a big old heavy office chair in to a dumpster. I was happy to help and figured I'd just tell him why I was there. He was very helpful in telling me where the building was located exactly and how to get back there. He also briefed me on the history.

Old Room

New Room

I couldn't get over the poor condition of the end buildings. The first building I entered was completely unsafe. I snapped some pictures and made my way to a more safe section asap.

The older sections have more of a hospital feel to them in my opinion. There are instument panels on the walls and numbers on the doors for example. It just feels like an old hospital.

Its really eerie to stand in a room in which you safely assume several people probably have died. Strangely it feels like you're sort of honoring them by paying a visit... sort of like going to a an old battlefield.

The middle sections were newer and stripped down more than the older end sections. They had been used for paintball for a certain period of time, so they are covered in colorful paint.

The building was an unexpected treat. I did start to get a little freaked out by being out in the middle of nowhere for too long. At one point I could hear something making noise outside of a basement window. The windows were covered in screen but had no glass. I walked over and there was a groundhog just chilling out doing groundhog stuff. He had no idea I was inches away from him on the other side of this steel mesh. He eventually figured it out and nearly crapped himself.

Apparently the ground hog had the telephone number of another woodland creature. Upon leaving the complex, I saw a tractor trailor backed in to the woods. I figured I'd check it out as well. I walked toward the door, and as I did I heard a sound that sounded like someone slamming the door of the truck as loud as they could right in front of me. It was a deer that was sleeping under the truck. He was probably less than 10 ft away and he literally scared me badly enough that I could barely walk for about 2 mintues. I don't think I've been that scared in years. I thought I was about to get murdered by a semi truck trailor. Back to the building...

The basement area had some cool stuff. There are some laundry machines, a display case, check in desk, ovens, and best of all, a giant body fridge that everyone has to see during their Lima TB experience. Gross.

In addition to the main building, there is a big smoke stack and steam room looking thing across the old access road. I'm not sure exactly what was done there, but I'd guess it was where the heat and electricity came from.

The new section of the building

Overall it was a cool afternoon drive from Columbus. If you ever make the trek, but careful because this place is in horrible condition.


1950s style architecture.
The door was wide open.
Main Entrance as taken from a side room.
Old section of the building with some of the new section visable on the left.



Hallway in the new section.
Old room. Notice the intercom on the wall.
Check in desk in the new section.
Old room in very poor condition.
Bitchin Kitchen
Medical equipment in an old room.



This appeared to be an office for the paintball maybe?
An old hallway. As you can see, the old sections are really bad.
This the detached steam building. It was very damp and humid in here.
Smoke Stack.


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