Junction City Prison



Junction City Prison

Where: Junction City

When: 2005

Status: Demolished


Most people try to stay out of prison, they try to get in...

news at noon.

Back in the middle of our prime 'exploring' years, Andy and I were invited to a story with News Channel 10's Scott Varner. I can't remember the specifics now, but the story never aired. Andy recalled a certain Cuban boy's stay in Miami as being the story that bumped ours, but a young boy being nabbed by the government in a swat attack could not possibly be more important than a story about kids walking through old buildings, could it? The world may never know. Actually... we do know. The story never ran.


The prison from a distance.

What the world will hopefully know is if we get our second chance at having our 15 minutes of fame. Channel 4 came to the rescue by inviting Andy and Me to do a story. By now Andy had created probably a good 30 minutes of fame on his own, but this would be the first time since the 1990's that we appeared in a feature length news story together in leading roles... and this one was Oscar material.

Inside the front section of the building.

Andy chose a location that wouldn't be overly dangerous, boring, or watched. We met up with the guys from the news headed out to Junction City. Junction City prison is a really cool location. Its out in the middle of nowhere, so you have the creepyness factor. The building has a cool history, first as a prison, then as the setting of a Robert Redford movie, next as a pizza factory, and most recently as the backdrop of a news story about abandoned buildings.

I won't bore you with the detials. We basically just walked around, snapped photos, almost fell through ice in the flooded basement, and chatted about what we do and why we do it. Of course I sounded like the biggest dork in the universe, but it was fun.

I actually had the pleasure of watching the airing on my minimized screen at work during lunch one day. The opening was something to the effect of "Ryan and Andy (last names included) have been breaking in to buildings for over 10 years. I was glad I told my mother to watch. I'm sure nothing warms a mother's heart like hearing her son's name on the news in the context of breaking and entering. Oh well. Over all the news team did a great job with the piece and had really kind words for us. I really appreciate their take on it.

The guard tower through a broken window in the front of the building.

Ok, one last thing... on the ride home, I ate at the first resturant I've ever eaten at where a cockroach came out to check on my food. This was a day to remember...

Brubaker was the movie by the way...

The building as seen from the tower.
Interviewing Andy.
The Guard Tower.
Stairs to the Second Floor.
Notice the expensive Camera.
One of the few clear pictures I took.
The basement was filled with Ice.
Down to the 1st floor.


As pictured above, the basement was filled with Ice. I decided to venture out on to the ice for the news camera, only to have it start cracking apart. I opted for looking like a wimp and staying dry. I bailed.

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