Faymore's Castle



Faymore's Treasure Palace Castle

Where: Near Cleveland, Ohio

When: 2007

Status: Sitting in the woods rotting away without its king.


This was the place that finally got me off of my ass and inspired me to do a long overdo update. Its the famed Faymore's Castle, aka: Treasure Palace, near Eaton Ohio. My new girlfriend and I made the trip out to see it in late August, and after some searching, we found it. We actually found the entrance right away, but didn't know that's what we were looking at, so we made the trek through the woods, a stream, a stream again, and more woods, finally ending up at the Castle.

While I was able to find some other mentions of this place on line, and some theories as to its origins, it was tough to find anything factual. As it ends up, the castle was built by Dr. Leonard Faymore, and his common law wife Dorris. The castle was about 1/3rd of the way completed at the time that the Doctor was convicted on drug charges for selling illegal prescriptions, or so the government said. He was put in prison in Wisconsin in 1982 and the construction stopped. The castle sat empty waiting for a buyer that unfortunately never came along. The money was to be used for an appeal to the doctors conviction.

This is the interior of the castle. The lower rooms would have been the basement with the upper floors being supported by the walls you see here.

Eventually the doctor was released from prison, but unfortunately died not long after. The castle has sat without a king and queen since the 1980's, and now shows significant wear.

This is an exterior view of a section that had partially collapsed.

The castle had quite a grand plan behind it. The plans, which were apparently originally drawn up on a roll of paper towels, were quite ambitious. With little or no professional design advice, the couple planned a 90 by 35 foot bedroom. That's bigger than my entire first home, in fact, its more than twice the size of my first home. In addition there were plans for six additional bed rooms, a game room, countless fireplaces, a 14 foot deep swimming pool (which seems closer to 8 ft to me), a 45 foot tall draw bridge, and a tunnel leading to the wine cellar and Jacuzzi. The walls were 50 foot tall. This place is big!

Before much of that could be completed, the doctor was busted by undercover cops, and put in prison. According to reports, the doctor was running a well known clinic that sold drugs... legal drugs, but sold illegally. People would come from all over the country to get what they needed. Reports indicate that there would be lines so long that everyone would be given a number, then certain number ranges would be told to go away and return hours later. So let that be a lesson to you... there's money in drugs. Wait. Scratch that.

Possibly the most interesting thing about the castle is the rumors which followed after the Doctor was put away. Supposedly the walls contain the treasure... money, stashed by the doctor, to the tune of various millions. Its also rumored that the walls contain jewlry, and bodies... I have no idea why bodies, but it sounds freaky. The walls don't seem big enough for bodies, and I'd imagine if the money was there, the common law wife would have taken it for the appeal. Certainly she wouldn't have been selling the place for a mere $300,000 in 1985... which is exactly what she was trying to do.

This is a pool. Near the pool there was a sauna that was under ground that we did not get pictures of.

So there you have it... a failed attempt at cashing in on some illegal activity. Next time you drive through a fancy neighborhood, its safe to assume that most of those people are criminals that simply didn't get caught. Probably not actually, but give them nasty looks just in case.

Our trip was relatively uneventful. It was a nice day and we had a great time checking the place out and spending some time together. Its worth noting that the pool has been emptied, and it frequented now by skaters and freestyle bike people. We ran in to a couple of guys that didn't know what to make of us, and a few more were coming in as we were leaving. I've since seen pictures of the pool filled with nasty water from as little as a few years ago, so these skaters deserve to be able to use this place based on the sheer amount of work they must have put in to draining that sucker.

This is one of the interior walls. You can see the 2nd floor fireplace here in the center of the photo.

So rest in Peace Doctor. Your legacy lives on, although probably not quite like you had imagined...

The arch.
Holes in the walls, possibly from money hunters.
Large anchors. The ground was sort of soft here, so I'm not sure if that's what these were meant to remedy.
As you can see, at one point, the castle did have its floors. The have since either burnt or rotted away.
More interior. Notice the arched doors and the fireplaces again.
One of the few areas that still had flooring.
Someone managed to get some paint up there before the floors gave way.
Some flooring.
Another view of the collapsed area. That's a pretty big beam you see pictured there.
The entrance.

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Arial shot... hard to see, but its there.

News Paper Shot from 1985...