10 favorite picutres

I figured I'd throw together what I consider to be my favorite pictures on the site. These aren't necessarily going to be the best pictures, only my favorites and a brief run down of why. So why should you care what my favorites are? You probably don't and shouldn't. Its just an excuse for me to do something additional on the site.

As always, this isn't a photography site. I suck at taking pictures, so this isn't me bragging or trying to write off pictures as photography, this is just a section where I can look back at some of the stuff I've taken pictures of...


Heritage USA Grand Tower

This may be a lousy picture, but its one of my favorites because it was taken from the area at the base of the tower as I hid in the tall grass from the security spotlight that was flashing around looking for me. I was thrilled to have just accomplished my task of going through the tower yet I was scared knowing I was being looked for, I was inside two fenced areas, and I was alone. This was probably the best time I had ever had in relation to the website, so this lousy picture is a great reminder.


Ohio State Pen

Granted this is just a simple exterior shot, but this was one of the first pictures on the site and it was also one of the coolest buildings I have been in to date.


industrial waste

I've always enjoyed this picture and I don't know why. Saving for the internet actually really ruined the color of the tanks, but the original really looks cool. This place is very very close to my childhood home and for some strange reason it was always sort of taboo. We never really knew what was back there but we knew it was a chemical dump. Even once I got older I never bothered to go back there, and then after all of those years of wondering... it was just two empty silos sitting there empty.


darlignton brick

I dig this picture simple because of the cool natural colors inside of this building. It was way cooler to see in real life, but this picture sort of captures the really strange colors given by the white powder everywhere mixed with the corregated plastic on the windows. I'm not sure where the purple comes from, or if it just looks purple because of all of the green?


negley train garage

I just like this one. No reason. There are some cool colors and contrasts in there. Almost no part of this picture is bland because of the various textures.


babcock and wilcox

There is no way to explain this that won't sound cheesey and cliche, but this picture is one of my favorites because it is of the mill that my father worked at for over 20 years. Actually he wasn't in this building that entire time, but this building is what I remember of his job. He spent many long nights miserable inside of this building so that he could provide for us. The mill eventually shut down during the 80s and our family was turned upside down. I never appreciated the stress this must of caused until I grew up. I was always bitter toward the mill, although I realize now it wasn't the mills fault of course, but me going through it before they tore it down really gave me an appreciate for everything my parents went through for us.


lima tb hospital

I like how this room is being taken back over by the dirt and plants. Its weird how these buildings eventually end up being taken back in by nature.


miami marina stadium

I don't know exactly why I picked this one, but its another one where it just really has a lot going on. It was amazing to walk around the corner unsuspecting and find this many seats, so this picture sort of brings me back to that trip.


chippewa lake big dipper

The trees growing through the track has alway been a favorite of mine. There are so many Chippewa pictures that turned out to be cool, but this was one of my favorites. It was really hard for me to not us the ferris wheel picture that is featured in the Chippewa section as it is another one that turned out to be pretty neat.


idora park wildcat

This picture of the dead end on the wild cat coaster seems to be a favorite of people who visit the site. It was so bizzar to just see a coaster ending in mid air. The wild cat burnt in the early 1980s, and this is where it was left off after the fire was done and the damage was cut away. The coaster was a top coaster at the time, but was never repaired and has since been torn down.

That's all for now. I'll probably try to cycle these through from time to time to add a little variety.


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