Fantasy Farm



Fantasy Farm

Where: Hamilton, OH

When: Late 1990's

Status: Reused.


Fantasy Farm is a small park in Middletown,or Hamilton, or somewhere in Ohio. I've been there and I could get there again, but it seems that every time I put a town name with this park, someone argues with me.

The site is currently used for Kart racing... or was when we were there. There is actually a surprising amount of evidence from the former park. Many of the buildings are amusement park buildings. There are a couple of pits filled with dirt and even an occasional sign from the park. The turnpike track is still there as well as some stables, the entrance gate, and other midway type buildings. Its worth mentioning that they also made turnpike cars on the grounds, so the track there is really big.

Old pit filled with debris

Our trip was one of awkwardness. People kept looking at us like they weren't sure why we were there but also weren't sure if they cared. We kept on trucking and managed to see everything we wanted to see. The strangest thing about this park is that it literally is touching Lesourdsville lake, aka: Americana Park which is also featured on this site.


A former Whip Ride building.

Building where turnpike cars were built. Note the track in the forgeround.


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Additional Pictures

A cabin.
Buildigns and tumble bug center piece.


















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