Euclid Beach Park



Euclid Beach Park

Where: Cleveland, OH

When: 2005

Status: Reused but portions remain.


I decided to take a trip up to Euclid Beach Park in Cleveland to see what remained. I was surprised how much remained of the park. It doesn't look much like an amusement park anymore, but there are certainly signs that the park existed. The first sign is... the old sign actually. The old entrance gate is still standing as an entrance to the apartment that currently stands on the grounds.

Like many of the abandoned and defunct parks, Euclid Beach opened around the 1890's and closed in the late 1960's. The park closed under the usual circumstances and eventually became the apartment complex that currently stands on the gounds.

Some signs of the park were left and can be seen as of this writing by simply driving back in to the apartment complex.

There are several sets of steps that formerly led down to the beach.

As far as closed parks go, Euclid has had pretty decent support for keeping the memories alive. The McDonald's on site pays homage to the coaster with a small fake coaster on the side of the building. The Racing Carosel was moved to Cedar Point where it is operated to this day. The apartment's are named for the park and still use the original entrance sign. Other rides are in storage waiting to be refurbished.

From the lake looking up the pier/boardwalk toward the midway.

In addition to the above preservation efforts, much of the site remains untouched. Basically if it could be integrated in to the new use, they left it. The pier still extends out on to the beach. Stairs still remain that took visitors from the boardwalk down on to the beach. Many of these now dead end in to the woods as trees have since grown on the former beach. There are also many foundations as well as the old track for the turnpike cars.

The visit was relatively uneventful outside of nearly freezing to the ground from the wind on the lake. If you're ever in the area, its worth taking the trip up to the lake to take a quick peek around.


Former Midway.

Pier going out to the beach.




Original entrance sign looking out.
The only other living thing on the lake that day.


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