Drag Strip



WV Drag Strip

Where: West Virginia

When: 2002 or so

Status: Unsure, but probably abandoned.


This is one of the few things feature on the site that I didn't visit... actually, this is the only one.

This is a dragstrip near my former Girlfriend's sister's house in West Virginia. It was abandoned at the time from what I understand. I've seen it from a distance, but I've never been there.

My former girlfriend was kind enough to stop by on one of her trips back there to snap a few pictures. The stip is located out in the middle of nowhere for the most part.

The tower and staging lanes.

The tower up close.

If you're not familiar with drag racing, basically there are two lanes for the cars to race in a straight line for 1/4 mile (sometimes 1/8th mile). There are staging lanes where the cars that are waiting sit and sometimes get paired up for their race. There is usually a tower where the announcer calls the race and bleachers for spectators. This tract had all of those things, and given the area, I can't imagine why it would have closed. I would think there would have been more than enough business.

I would guess that if it is closed, it still occasionally sees some race action. I believe my girlfried was able to resist the urge to run our little civic down the strip, but I know I wouldn't have been able to.

If you happen to know if the track is opened or closed, drop me a line and I'll update this section.


There isn't too much for me to say about the strip since I was never there.

Launch area with bleachers.
Return Road
Launch area with entire stip in view.


That's about it for the Drag Strip. There are some more picutres in the gallery. Check the link below.

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