David's Restaurant



David's Restaurant

Where: Unity, Ohio

When: December 2007

Status: Abandoned


This one is a throw back to my roots. My friends and I used to go to the place during highschool in the early 90s. It really hadn't changed much since that time. I decided to take a ride past to see how it was holding up, and I noticed the back was wide open. I couldn't resist taking a peek inside. This was my second visit using my newly aquired tri-pod, so I was excited to see if I could get some decent pictures in low light. Prior to the tripod, my low light pictures looked like they were taken at 60mph. You simply can't hold a digital camera still enough to get a good picture in low light. The lense stays open for an eternity... couple that with the shivering, nerves, etc... the tripod is a savior.

So this is David's Restaurant in Unity Ohio. It's basically remained unchanged for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure when it closed, but if I had to guess, I'd say in the late 80s or maybe very early 90s. The place looked like it was ready to open when we used to go in highschool.

Not a lot had changed, but I did notice that the serving stuff had been moved over to the bar, and removed from the tables. I suspect this happened during David's Restaurants 15 minutes of fame.

From the route 14. This place was just begging for a bunch of 16 year olds to check it out back in the 90s.

One night a few years back, we were driving past David's which is sort of in the middle of no-where, and there were all of these rednecks in the parking lot in trucks and lights and all kinds of excitement. I found out years later that this was for the filming of a portion of Children of the Living Dead... which is really not an excellent movie. Here and Here are offsite pictures from the filming from inside the place.

Other than that, I've got nothing noteable... here's the pictures.


Additional Pictures


The front.
The bar.
Someone got the smokes. I love the front of the bar.
The building is showing some signs of ware, but not too bad considing how long its been empty.
Menus, cups, etc.
Behind the bar.
Window from the kitchen to the bar.
One of many pictures that wouldn't have been possible without the sweet $19 tripod.
Bar. If you looked at the pictures of the movie filming, this wall was in the background of the 2nd picture.
Back Washroom.
No specials on this day.


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