Lakefront Plaza



Lakefront Plaza Hotel

Where: 5700 S Marginal Rd, Cleveland, OH

When: 2006

Status: Half renovated but abandoned


So this place was a total surprise. As of this writing, I know nothing at all about the place. I was looking for the Whiskey Island Coast Guard Station and happened to find this place while lost. Being dedicated to offering you the best of I can find, I couldn't resist.

This building is right next to a TV studio as well as a few factories, all of which were booming on a monday afternoon. I had trouble finding a smooth entrance, but I was able to get in eventually... after climbing through poision ivy.

From what I can tell, this was once the Lakefront Plaza Hotel. I found a phone number for the hotel on line and it now goes to some guy, so don't try to reserve a room. He doesn't have any.

Rest 45 minutes before jumping in to this pool if you've recently eaten.

I may have mentioned in the past that I have a fear of stagnent water. As I ran across the parking lot, the sun in my eyes, I ran under a what I thought was a car port and found my #1 fear... a large pool of standing water. Yuck.

I want these chairs!

The building appears to have been abandoned for quite a while now. If I had to guess, I'd say it was in poor condition up through the 90s. It appears to have been under renovation when it closed. It reminded me of the tower at heritage in that the lower floors were closer to being done than the upper floors. None of the floors that I visited actually looked like hotel rooms. All were just walls and doors with some plumbing. There may have been finished rooms, but I didn't visit all of the floors due to time, heat, and heat, and more heat.

The coolest part of this place was the old lobby and lounge area. There was more outdated porn on the floor of this place than time square in the 80s. It was a bit gross to say the least.

The lobby area was the only area that hadn't yet been demolished to make way for renovation. There had been some demolition, but for the most part, it still looked somewhat like a hotel and lounge.

I started to get a little creeped out here because I was somewhat trapped in to a corner, but at the same time, it was the one place where I could see the only possible entrance. For whatever reason, I constantly felt someone was there.

Looking in to the kitchen.

I eventually ventured upward. On my way up I had the biggest scare I've had to date. Lets be honest, we all occasionally get a little creeped out if we have to walk through our dark basement, or out near the woods at night. This was exactly how I was feeling going up the steps. I just felt like someone was there. I never heard so much as a sound. As I crest the final set of steps leading to the top floor, I hear a scuffle... I'm not talking a quick sound, but a full on scuffle and it was coming toward me quickly from the steps above. I took about one step backward, and for whatever reason, my brain decided to stay and fight. I yanked my maglight up and put on my meanest face. I'm sure the pidgeon was scared as he flew away. I thought for sure it was a person. I've had the typical bird scare before, but this one was really involved. I have no idea what the bird was doing to make that much noise or why he came toward me first, but he did.

That was about the end of my trip. I spent the next ten minutes or so calming down and enjoying the amazing view from the penthouse area... I calmed myself a little and headed off to find the lighthouse I was originally looking for.


View from upstairs room.
The bar.
The lobby area.
Sauna next to pool.

So as it ends up


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