Capitol manufacturing.



Capitol Manufacturing.

Where: Columbus, OH

When: 2001 or so?

Status: Leveled.


This will be a small section as capitol is the building that finally did the camera in. I believe I used it a few times after that, but the camera completely died in Capitol, so I only have a few pictures that I took before it threw in the towel.

This is one of the view buildings where we had to seriously push our policy of not forcing our way in. We didn't force anything or break anything, but we did open a window that wasn't open. For the most part, we just walk right in to these places through open doors. This was an exception. Had the building not been slated for demolishion, maybe we would have reconsidered. Knowing that it was coming down anyhow, we decided to take the risk and go for it. I'm glad we did, although I now have very little to show for it.

Something for the furnace perhaps?

The building was in really bad shape. Many of the floors were rotted to the point of collapse. Some of the ceilings were falling in. Other than the window we entered through, the building was sealed off by way of the doors being welded shut. Freaky because you knew you couldn't exit in a hurry.

Burnt 2nd floor.

The second floor of the office section had been on fire at some point. There wasn't much damage considering, but a fire is a fire. I'm not sure when this happened or how it was put out. Since the building was welded shut, I can't imagine the firemen had a way in, but maybe the welding came after the fire.

There really wasn't much else left in the building.


We weren't able to get in to the large warehouse section. When we returned to try again, the building was gone. As I write this some 3 or 4 years later, the building is now a field in the brewary district.

One thing that made this building a real challenge is that the police refueling station is directly behind it. That meant that everytime we heard a car coming, we had to try to not look like to idiots with cameras trying to get through a window to take pictures. I think we went unnoticed, but it was still horrible for my nerves. Overall, Capitol was a mostly a bust for me. The building was neat, but we didn't get to see half of it, and my camera died. RIP: Marlboro Camera.**

One last exterior shot showing the sign.

Fire escape and sign.


*** The Marlboro Camera was the camera I used to start the site. It was a camera that was found by someone I know and given to me. It was a very cheap camera needless to say, but it was the camera that made it through many of the explorations you'll read about on this site. As mentioned before, I was able to use it after this exploration, but it never worked correctly again. I have since traded it for a cheap Argus 2.0mpx digital camera that I love to death. I get easily attached to cameras I guess.


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