670 Bridge Room



670 Bridge Room

Where: Columbus, OH

When: Late 2003

Status: Still there.


This was easily the most uneventful of all visits. I happened to be bored and driving by, so I took a peak in this opening in the section of 670 that passes Columbus State.

The visit was so uneventful that I'm not sure how I'm even going to fill the text next to the picture. There were two openings in the wall that supports the highway. I went in one and out the other. There was a brief spot where it was totally dark, but other than that, it was nothing too exciting. The ground was gravel. I have no idea what the opening is for. There was a little catwalk thing in there, but other than that... nothing. Anyway, the pictures are below.


The only other cool thing about the trip was the view of down town.

Creepy light inside the empty space.


View from the unfinished highway
Weird catwalk thing.
Another view from downtown
670 in process
Opening that I entered through.
Inside the opening that I exited from.


Uneventful. The gallery is pretty much the same pictures.


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