Metropolitan Brick



Metropolitan Brick

Where: Darlington PA (on Ohio/PA border)

When: Late 2005

Status: Still in occasional reuse.


The visit to Metropolitan Brick was something I decided to do when I was back in my home town of East Palestine for the holidays visiting family. For the heck of it, my dad and I decided to spend a little time together checking out some stuff in the area that we hadn't seen for quite some time.

I've probably drive past the brick plant about 500 times making the drive from Chippewa PA to Negley Ohio over the years, but I'd never bothered to stop. It hadn't been in use since I could remember, but there was always at least some activity on site (someone storing something, etc).

On a slow day while visiting my family, my father and I decided to go check it out along with a few other places. It was the first warm day of winter, so what better day to go out and get some fresh air.

Power grid for the main building.

As it would end up, the Brick Plant would be a pretty cool place to check out. We didn't really get around much as it appears that they're still using portions of it. There was white powder everywhere, so we just checked out the main building, snapped some pictures, and walked away with powder filled shoes and what was left of our lungs.

Conveyer belts ran through the ceiling.

The building was basically just a big warehouse with brick walls separating a bunch of piles of powder. The windows had corregated plastic over them, so the green looked pretty cool reflecting on the white powder. The white stuff was literally everwhere. It looked like studio 54 on New Years eve.


There really isn't much more to say about the place. I do happen to know someone who fell through the roof of the building and suffered a somewhat nasty injury. I also believe this is where the brick for the house I grew up in was purchased. Outside of that, check out some pictures. There is a link to the full gallery below.

Opening between divisions
Conveyer belts ran through the ceiling.
Another opening between sections.
This was in the upper platforms
A maze of catwalks and stairs.
The very top platform.
The colors were really weird.
The powder was everywhere!


That's about it for the Darlington Brick factory. There are some more great picutres in the gallery. Check the link below.


More pictures can be found in the gallery here.