blind school



Columbus School for the Blind

Where: Columbus Ohio

When: Late 1990's

Status: Rebuilt and used by Health Department


The School for the Blind was an early exploration for us. We had been talking about checking it out for quite some time, but we simply hadn't had the time. Finally we pulled together a group of people to go visit. I managed to show up late and miss the group, but a giant cardboard sign on the door of the bar we were meeting at let me know the crew had left without me. I believe it said "We already left for the blind school" or something very subtle like that.

I managed to catch up the group just as they were entering the building. Perfect timing. The building was basically wide open. We didn't have to do anything more than duck under something to enter.

The location of the building made us very visable to people passing by and the large number of unboarded windows made us that much more obvious. We all had flashlights as well as cameras with flashes, so the fact that we didn't get caught is a miracle. Once we had split up, I could find the others at almost anytime just by looking for light in the windows of the wings they were in.

The older upper floors had these large heavy doors that allowed sections to be closed off from the main building.

Anytime I watch a horror movie I question why they ever split up, yet it seems that every time we go to one of these buildings with a large group of people, we split up. So far, none of us have been killed by any monsters.

The walls in the upper sections were in very bad shape and had significant water damage.

The night was one of the hottest of the summer. We roasted in these upper floors. Keep in mind that the humidity levels in these places are usually astronomical due to being closed up and leaky.

As usual on some of these older explorations, my camera died on me, so some of these pictures are actually from a follow up trip that Andy and I took. The building was so incredibly dark on the first walk through that the pictures I did take before the camera dying didn't come out well anyhow.

The building was unusal in that the upper floors hadn't been touched in years. The lower floors all had been renovated and used by Ohio's finest State Troopers (the ones that constantly make my drive to work slow and difficult. The Gym on the back of the building was almost like a separate building. The entire layout was a little strange).

The very top floors were my favorite part. There was writing all over the walls, some of which was probably fake, but some of which looked real to me. The dates ranged from the 1890s to 2000. On this trip, I learned that kids have always been a little bit on the vulger side. Don't let Leave it to Beaver fool you.

It saddens me to say that most of these messages were likely damaged during a fire that occured during the construction to renovate the building.



This is one of many messages we found on the walls in the attic. This one appears to be dated 1914 maybe?

Strangely I witnessed the fire. I was driving home from a fine meal at Long John Silvers on Parsons and happened to look up and notice the fire peaking from above the trees. As I got closer I could see firetrucks and people watching. I couldn't believe it was burning. All of that cool stuff in the upper floors was likely being ruined as I stood there in shock. I had been in the building probably around a month or so prior if I remember correctly.

This is one of the newer floors. They had also been abandoned for a while, but not near as long as the upper floors.


There was something really weird about being in the state patrol's former building without permission. To the right is a picture of one of their floors as well as two more pictures of their area below.

The school building was eventually completed and now houses the board of health I believe. I don't know if they renovated the upper floors or if they simply reused the lower floors that the staties had previously used. Hopefully I can go back some day to check it out legitimately.




There were quite a few interesting things in the building. I didn't know what all of them even were. There were some staircases that were only wide enough for a single person that wrapped up to some of the small upper rooms. There were large metal structures in some of the rooms that we couldn't identify. There was pretty much eye candy everywhere.


Additional Pictures

Public Safety Hall of Fame.
The head Patrolman's office I assume?


Additional Pictures

An old Fire Place in an upper room.
A large metal thing.


Additional Pictures

An old Fire Place in an upper room.
A large metal thing.


As it ended up, the blind school was all it was cracked up to be. It was one of the last trips that we took during the night time, and really one of the last ones for quite some time that we took that was 'creepy'.

More pictures can be found in the gallery here.