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my favorites


old vs new - redone 2007



alpine hills resort - recent

geauga lake closing - recent

disney pop century - recent

mother goose land - recent

pittsburgh lake erie rr - recent

mike tyson's former home

david's restaurant

coraopolis nike site

elrama nike site

herminie nike site

irwin nike site

jaite paper mill

brookfield, AFS

wilmington nike missile site

faymore's castle

rex's erection

bainbridge gap filler

riley's funspot

whisky island lighthouse

cleveland hotel

columbus coated fabrics

ohio state pen

columbus blind school

lima tb hospital

logan round house

hartman hotel

seneca hotel

northland mall

miami marina stadium

metropolitan brick

negley train garage

babcock and wilcox

industrial waste

junction city prison

roseville prison

main street buildings

cincinatti subway

gates of hell

turnpike motel

fort hayes

3rd ave sewer

youngstown trip

the ranch

drag strip

midway theater



capitol mfg

lazarus closing days

molly stark failure

670 bridge

negley trestle

sawmill mini golf


random houses



chippewa lake park

idora park

moxahala park

heritage usa

euclid beach

fantasy farm

sandy beach park

darlington lake



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